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Face Off: How to contour perfectly in under 60 seconds


There's no denying it: contouring is no longer a make-up trend, but a regular stand-by in more and more girls' morning make-up routines.

That's because contouring doesn't have to take all day. In fact, with the right products and techniques, you can create yourself a perfect contoured look in less than 60 seconds.

All you need is a foundation a few shades darker than your base, another a few shades lighter - and some blusher to finish your look off.

Are you ready? GO!

Apply your base

A flawless finish is the essential starting point to any contoured look. Take your Rimmel Match Perfection and apply it all over your face, using either brushes or your fingers (we recommend a brush for a better finish).

Apply your darker foundation

This is going to go in the hollows of your cheeks – where a shadow would naturally fall when you suck your cheeks in. Brush down from the temple in quick light strokes, until you can see your underlying bone structure more clearly. Don’t blend yet – we’ll come to that later.

Apply your light foundation

This goes at the top of your cheekbone – where light falling from above would naturally reach your face. Picture yourself at Bestival, dancing in the afternoon. Where does the sun hit your cheek? Again, use small light strokes from the top of the temple.

Blend, blend, blend

This is the key part of contouring, and where many a contour fail has come about. You need to keep the light and the dark largely separate – but on the apple of the cheek, where they come together, they need to merge naturally.

Apply your blush

Take your favourite blush and brush it over the apples of your cheeks, right where the foundations come together. That’ll make sure you don’t have any harsh lines and will make you look like a glowing blushing schoolgirl. Bonus.

And that’s it – no layers, no tricks, no problem.