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Rimmel Buzz - Social

31 October

This spring heat isn’t going to ruin our look this #DerbyDay. Smoky eyes with a nude lip… perfect!

30 October

A good outfit and a smoky eye are the only things you need on a Friday night.

29 October

Spring essentials are in the bag… literally! Now to plan our getaway!

28 October

Think you can't perfect perfection? Think again! Rimmel's Match Perfection Concealer will hide your small imperfections, while adding a touch of light, to highlight under the eye area.

27 October

For a classic pretty curl make up routine, look no further then this look by @IHeartMakeupArt. A hint of shadow, lashings of liquid liner and plenty of mascara for good eye game.

24 October

A 24/7 life needs 24hr Curl Power! Lifts and Locksyour lashes all day long with our new SuperCurler mascara. Have you tried it yet?

23 October

Fridge... not freezer! You want to be able to use it! #BeautyHack

22 October

Pure love right here! #NewSeasonNudes

tweet 16 January

Happy birthday to #KateMoss – we just know our girl will be partying in style this weekend!

20 October

Tuesdays are just easier when your eye game on fleek. #byebyelashcurler